A Lot Of Changes.

Less important is that in the future this site will be removed. The most important is the reason why it is going to happen. Game is now rebranded and refreshed so the site and the forum had to be changed. Check out our new site and steam profile for further information.
Thank you all for your engagement and stay with us. We are full of hope that we are going to surprise you all with some new, good stuff.

Check out new site of this game

Best regards


THANK YOU GUYS! You and Valve are just great.

Achivement Unlocked: "Get Greenlit without a penny to develop a game."


More soon, so stay tuned :>

Haunt Small Album On Bandcamp

Hello There.
Just to let you know. If you would like to support us or simply buy us a beer :) for what we have made, here is the way. You can buy Haunt ost on bandcamp from 1.23USD to "how much you want". Still you can listen all songs on soundcloud or youtube (even at bandcamp). Thank you for all kind words and every beer we are going to drink thanks to you ;)

Hunt Game Theme Midi

Some of you asked me to publish piano sheets. You can download MIDI FILE now and open it in MIdi Sheet Music.

More Linux Links

There are more links to linux experimental build in download table on the right hand side. Feel free to download it. Some of mirrors can be ocupied so be patient and try different mirrors a few times.

Linux Version of Haunt 1.1

Linux version is out and files are waiting for authorization (IndieDB and Desura). In meantime feel free to download ZIP file from GameFront(before download make sure that your country is supported by this site): Haunt 1.1 Linux ZIP

Two Fast Announcements

Hi everybody,

Two fast announcements:

1. LINUX VERSION of Haunt SOON (we mean something about a week)
2. COLLECTORS EDITION for everyone that want to support us and bind Haunt to his Desura account SOON (Including: Haunt Art-Book, Haunt OST, Haunt Game Guide, ingame achivements, bugfixes, Haunted Memories: Episode 01 Free download key )

Hello there!

Haunt was featured at "CD-Action" game cd boundled with magazine! If you don't know what CDA is, here is the answer: the biggest, polish magazine about games. This is huge achivement for us - thank you CDA team :)

All best,
ParanormalDev Team

Some News

Hi there!

Just want to say a few things, but first of all we are going to share with you all Haunt mirrors. Also we want to thank all websites that are hosting our game, so... THANKS!

Ok, now some facts. Haunt won’t be Unity based anymore, as well as Haunted Memories. Actually we are playing with UDK and this is what we need for our further projects. Yet, there is nothing to show at the moment, but hopefully we will be able to present HM media soon. Why it’s taking so long? Cause we simple don’t want to show you a garbage ;)

How To Play Haunt Last Song Video

You can now play last song from Haunt by yourself. Check out this video.


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