Linux Version of Haunt 1.1

Linux version is out and files are waiting for authorization (IndieDB and Desura). In meantime feel free to download ZIP file from GameFront(before download make sure that your country is supported by this site): Haunt 1.1 Linux ZIP

Keep in mind that you are free to share this game with your friends in any way you want (till you are sharing it for free :)).
As it is experimental build (with no warranty) we would be very grateful if you will find a while and send us:

1 - info if game works with your Linux (or not)
2 - and what distribution is yours
3 - and if it worked - how it worked (fps, glitches etc.)
4 - and what is your PCs spec

Just to keep new visitiors up to date. If you like our game, please, support it at Greenlight. It really matters for such a small group as we are. Btw we are 3rd there! Thanks mates!

Collector Edition of Haunt is almost done, so stay tuned. We have a few surprises for all of you :)

All best,
ParanormalDev Team

link is dead

Gamefront link is dead?

Yes, I can't download too.

Yes, I can't download too.



Link is not dead

Just like news sais. Make sure the GF downloads are available in your country. More links soon.

Linux x64

Will Slender run on my 64 bits system?
LinuxMint x64 Debian.

It depends on hardware specs

It should run. But as you can see we call it experimental build because there is no guarantee that it will run on all specs and all distros. Try it for yourself. Just remember that this game needs propoerly installed 3d drivers for your video card.

It better!

Mother of FUCK!

The link is dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Change the link please!!!!!!!!!!, I want play to THE GAME!!!!!!!!!.



Link alive, but downloaded it very problematic.
To start the game, after you unpack the archive, rename the folder neobodimo Haunt_1_Data on Haunt_1.1_Data.
Ubuntu 12.04
AMD athlon x2 2.0 GHz
ati 4570 512 mb
Memory 2 GB
all at the minimum infusion only included BLOOM
resolution 1024x768
15-20 fps.
The translator

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